November 2023 X-TechLab 2nd training session

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A unique regional training initiative

Advance your knowledge in Material sciences & X-ray Imaging by attending the 2023 X-TechLab training session that will be held in Cotonou from November 20th to 30th.

1- Objective

The X-TechLab training session aims to endow the local and regional scientific communities with technical skills that will allow them to use X-ray techniques as tools for solving various problems in their specific fields.

2- Skills you will acquire

The training session will focus on Material Sciences & X-ray Imaging.

At the end of the training, you will acquire specific skills to:

3- What you will learn

NB : The training courses require some mathematical background and some knowledge in programming and numerical simulation. Therefore, it is highly recommended that learners revise some mathematical notions (vectors, tensors, Fourier transform, Probability and statistics) and basic notions in programming and numerical simulation using MATLAB and COMSOL prior to the training session. Some tutorials on MATLAB and COMSOL for beginners are available on YouTube.

4- Who can apply

5- How it works

The training is an intensive course over two (02) weeks. The particularity lies in the association in equal parts between theory and practice with the opportunity for attendees to work on their own samples. All learners and lecturers will be present in person at Sèmè City in Cotonou, except for a few lecturers who will attend remotely. At the end of the training, the learners will undergo a knowledge test intended to assess the knowledge gained from the training for each participant. Some of the courses will be taught in French.

6- Apply now

Applications are submitted here :

7- Course fees

The overall cost of the training is 3,200€ per learner. However, Sèmè City has subsidized the 2023 training session. The French Embassy in Benin also offers some grants to support learner's mobility. Only the registration fee of 80€ (52 600 FCFA)  will be charged for Beninese candidates and 160€ (105 100 FCFA) will be charged for candidates from other nationalities.

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