La première plateforme des techniques de rayons X au Bénin au service de la communauté

First platform of X-ray techniques in Benin.

Nous sommes une plateforme dédiée à l’utilisation des Techniques du Rayonnement X au service de la recherche scientifique et technologique autour des problématiques de développement spécifiques au continent Africain.

What we do

The X-TechLab ecosystem

Training in X-ray techniques.

X-TechLab aims to provide hands-on training in X-ray techniques, processing and analysis of experimental data, in order to provide African scientists with the means to develop solutions for the sustainable development of the continent.

X-TechLab is the first X-ray laboratory devoted to the community. The researcher has the opportunity to work with a team.

Scientists, industrialists, farmers, architects, physicians, pharmacists, students and entrepreneurs are all actors with whom X-TechLab will work to solve specific critical socioeconomics issues.

X-TechLab aims to contribute to the emergence of a community of experts of x-rays experts who will, not only be active users of the future African synchrotron, but also be instrumental in defining its strategy and scientific priorities.

Notre actualité

Our Partners

We warmly thank the several institutions below for their kind support to X-TechLab.