The first X-ray techniques platform in Benin at the service of the community.

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A success in a particular context!

From November 16 to 27, 2020, the second edition of our training sessions was held in Crystallography and X-ray diffraction techniques and in Mathematical engineering and X-ray imaging .

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Bright Solutions for Africa.

X-TechLab is the first x-ray techniques platform in Bénin devoted to the community.
It includes a high level education in x-ray techniques and is expected to train a breeding-ground of experts that will be the users of the future Pan African Synchrotron.

Develop new drugs, vaccines, as well as new water purification processes or materials.

Renewable energies

Identify new materials for the development of new generations of photovoltaic cells, wind turbines and batteries to produce clean energy at reduced cost.


Develop green building materials, and develop green methods of mining.


Soil analysis, development of treatments in the fight against diseases affecting plants and animals.


The Lightsources for Africa, the Americas, Asia, Middle East and the Pacific - LAAAMP is one of our main partners. This project works for the full use of advanced light sources and crystallography to facilitate knowledge building and improve economic and social conditions in the targeted regions of the world.

Find here the information brochures of the LAAAMP which describe advanced light sources - AdLS, crystallography and the many fields they impact.

What we do

The X-TechLab ecosystem

We are fully committed to elevating our clients to new heights.

X-TechLab aims to provide hands-on training in X-ray techniques, processing and analysis of experimental data, in order to provide African scientists with the means to develop solutions for the sustainable development of the continent.

X-TechLab is the first X-ray laboratory devoted to the community. The researcher has the opportunity to work with a team.

Scientists, industrialists, farmers, architects, physicians, pharmacists, students and entrepreneurs are all actors with whom X-TechLab will work to solve specific critical socioeconomics issues.

X-TechLab aims to contribute to the emergence of a community of experts of x-rays experts who will, not only be active users of the future African synchrotron, but also be instrumental in defining its strategy and scientific priorities.

Our Partners

We warmly thank the several institutions below for their kind support to X-TechLab.