Summary report of the X-TechLab training sessions - second edition: November 2020

A success in a particular context! From November 16 to 27, the second edition of the X-TechLab training sessions in Crystallography and X-ray diffraction techniques and in Mathematical engineering and X-ray imaging was held. Despite the pandemic, the organizers, supervisors and participants gave everything to make these possible and effective sessions: the majority of participants […]

Introduction to crystallography and crystal symmetries / Practical work at the UAC.

Brief description of the science dissemination programme at UAC, Benin Thanks to an agreement between X-TechLab and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Abomey Calavi (UAC), a training programme entitled "Initiation to crystallography and crystal symmetry" was carried out in July 2020. The aim was to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to [...]

Rapport Synthèse des deux sessions de formation X-TechLab – 2019

X-TechLab is a platform dedicated to the use of X-ray techniques for scientific and technological research around development issues specific to the African continent. It is being implemented in Benin within the Agence de Dévéloppement de Sèmè City (ADSC), the government agency in charge of the implementation of one of the flagship projects of the Government’s Action Programme, the International City of Innovation and Knowledge.

Interview with Dr Hyacinthe AGNIMONHAN

On the occasion of the first X-TechLab training session, a Beninese man solved for the first time the structure of a molecule in Benin. it is Dr. Hyacinthe AGNIMONHAN; we asked...


A huge success of the Colloquium Programme stems fromThierry d’Almeida’s visit to his home country of Benin. A memberof the LAAAMP Steering Committee and currently employedas a senior research engineer at France’s Commissariat àl’Energie Atomique, d’Almeida traveled to Benin from 30 Aprilto 7 May 2018 to deliver a series of lectures on AdLSs, relatedtechniques and […]

A great day for crystallography in Benin (Article de Claude Lecomte paru dans le IUCr Newsletter (2019) Volume 27, Number 2)

On 23 May 2019, the first crystal structure of a molecule synthesized and crystallized at the University of Abomey-Calavi in Cotonou, Benin, was solved during a crystallographic training session at the X-TechLab in Sèmè City, Benin, organized within the framework of the IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab in partnership with Bruker and LAAAMP. The Programme Committee of this first crystallographic training session at the X-TechLab […]

The future is crystalline for Benin: An interview with Thierry d’Almeida (Un article de IUCr Newsletter (2018) Volume 26, Number2)

We had a chance for an informal chat with Dr Thierry d’Almeida at the end of one of the numerous meetings of the LAAAMP Executive Committee, when Thierry was invited to discuss the strategies and plan future activities for the development of crystallography and synchrotron-related disciplines in Benin and neighbouring countries. Thierry, who is originally from Benin […]

A first session that promises a bright future!

From May 13 to 24, 2019, the first training session in X-ray techniques at X-TechLab took place. It was held at the premises of the Sèmè City Development Agency, the platform's main partner. The X-TechLab training focused on two axes namely: Crystallography and X-ray diffraction techniques Tomography [...]