A huge success of the Colloquium Programme stems from
Thierry d’Almeida’s visit to his home country of Benin. A member
of the LAAAMP Steering Committee and currently employed
as a senior research engineer at France’s Commissariat à
l’Energie Atomique, d’Almeida traveled to Benin from 30 April
to 7 May 2018 to deliver a series of lectures on AdLSs, related
techniques and their relevance to specific issues of interest in
Africa, and his own synchrotron-based research. Jean-Pierre
Ezin, a member of LAAAMP’s Regional Committee for Africa
and former African Union Commissioner for Human Resources,
Science and Technology, arranged for the venues of the lectures
to be at the Institut de Mathématiques et Sciences Physiques
(IMSP) in Porto-Novo and at the Université de Abomey-Calavi
(UAC) in Cotonou.

Lire tout: http://iupap.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/IUPAP_march2019_E-compressed.pdf

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